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In January 2023 I had fall which resulted in back pain 24/7. After 3 meetings with a physio I had no relief from the pain. I tried chiropractor too, no relief. When I came to see Anthony had no idea what to expect. I sat on the healing bed and spoke with Dr. John. Anthonys Healing guide. He looked at my back, said he could see what the problem was and what was causing the pain, I had trapped nerves in my back. He then somehow moved and released the trapped nerves. My pain was gone.....amazing!!!!!                 Derek  S

Made an appointment to see Dr John due to pain in my jaw and it feeling disjointed after having a crown fitted . Dr John made me feel very much at ease. It felt like he was massaging and using circular movements around my jaw line. He manipulated my jaw back to normal . The pain disappeared instantly, I was just fascinated by the whole healing experience. I would definitely recommend Anthony/ Dr John.   Penny R


Had a fall and hurt my back and knees. I was in so much pain. Could hardly walk and get around. Had a session with Anthony/ Dr John. He worked on my back and knees and I felt relief from the pain. He explained that I had a lot of swelling around the knee and to give it time to settle. I have had sessions since and have always had relief from the pain after the sessions. 

  Anna D

As well as helping my stomach issues,  I have had a back issue which since healing is 100% better. The pain I used to get at the bottom of my spine is completely gone. Im so grateful for the amazing work you do.   Nicola G


I have known Anthony for a couple of years while he was working alongside Ray Brown at Walcote. Since Anthony took over the Walcote clinic earlier this year I have been to see him on a couple of occasions on his own, and also introduced some friends who benefited from his treatment. I have suffered from a long-term trapped nerve in my shoulder and am happy to say that Anthony /John’s magic touch has much improved it, to the degree that I no longer need any treatment.  I am so pleased that Anthony is continuing to build on the work Ray/Paul have done; collectively they have been able to help so many people, especially where traditional treatments have failed, and I sincerely hope they will continue to do so for many years to come.

                                     Alan P


The first time I came to visit Anthony, I experienced terrible train delays and was over an hour late. By that time, Anthony had closed his clinic and was travelling in his car. However, upon hearing of my late arrival, Anthony turned the car around and came back for me. I was nearly in tears at the compassion and care shown towards a stranger. I had been suffering from nerve pain in my back/legs - it was really hard to walk or do anything. As soon as Anthony touched the area I felt instant relief and a lightning of the pain. Since then, I have seen Anthony 3 more times and I have experienced much pain relief and an overall improvement in energy, vitality and overall well being. I can walk, run and sit without much difficulty now. I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone suffering with pain- it works.     Karagh I


I have been coming to the Lutterworth Clinic for treatment for a year and a half now, and have had monthly treatments from Anthony Luddon.   I suffer from osteoarthritis. The hands-on method through Dr John brings me considerable relief and keeps me away from the surgeons knife.  Other NHS treatments such as painkillers and pain patches have little effect and are nowhere near as good as Anthony's.      Judith F

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